Tailor-Made Suit - The Details Matter

Pure New Wool
Advantage - If you wear suits every day, you should ask for pure new wool. High-quality new wool is crease-resistant and gives a very...

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Tailored suits since 2004.

Su Misura

In Italian, the term ‘Su Misura’ means tailor-made. It stands for precision, artistry, and uncompromising attention to detail.

Cut from a personal pattern, pieced together by hand and fitted until the cutter and client deem it perfect, bespoke Sunita suits suit is a unique hand-made on Savile Row garment that, while always flattering, will naturally reveal something of the character of its owner.

Custom Tailored Business Suits

Made in Italy - Our exclusive tailor made suits made of Loro Piana, Brioni, Drago, Vitale Barberis and Canali fabrics offer the highest wearing comfort.

A Sunita Suits suit is as unique as its wearer. We personalize every outfit and make you look self-confident at any time and on any occasion.

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Custom-Tailored Shirts


Made in England - Popline, Oxford, Pinpoint, Twill, Herringbone, Egyptian Cotton are just some of our fabrics. Once you have tried our master of craft tailors, you will get accustomed to this way of effortless style for every occasion. Whether slim-fit or rather comfortable, we tailor according to your needs.

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Custom Tailored Wedding Suits

Discover our exclusive designs and fabrics for your wedding suit. Our selection includes both classic and extravagant cuts.

We are happy to create something special for you for the best day and turn your wishes and ideas into your favorite garments.

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Smoking & Tailcoat

The tuxedo is an indispensable item of clothing in the wardrobe of a fashion-conscious gentleman. Events are increasingly demanding a dress code. When invitation requires black tie or white tie, a tuxedo suit is a must. On the other hand, dinner jackets are suitable for cruises and the Vienna Opera Ball is a perfect example of a festive occasion in which the tuxedo is the only appropriate piece of clothing.

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Corporate Fashion

 A success story that will amaze you! Since the foundation of our company in 2004. until the end of 2008, Sunita Suits' customer base has grown to more than 4500 private and business customers. A success story that will amaze you!

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