Sunita Kunsanthia, business owner

"Why should men be worse dressed than women? While the shelves in the ladies' department are full of fancy goods, men must settle for misfitting special offers at the wholesaler's. I have made it my task to offer men an appropriate wearing comfort and to provide them with individually tailored suits making them feel good." 

Lydia Peschel, Tailor and Fashion Consultant

"Custom tailoring is so much more then a production of perfectly fitted clothes, it is about the traditional way of acquiring your unique style guided only by the shape of elegance and graceful manners; it is about pleasant ritual that can transform your everyday clothing matters into unimaginable lightness of always being ideally dressed.

 Roberta Albert: tailor and fashion consultant

"In our own showroom, the customer is the decisive factor. With our expert advice, he selects the fabric, the design, the colors and accessories from a variety of possibilities. It is our goal that the customer's new outfit becomes a second skin."