Sunita Kunsanthia, business owner

"Why should men be worse dressed than women? While the shelves in the ladies' department are full of fancy goods, men must settle for misfitting special offers at the wholesaler's. I have made it my task to offer men an appropriate wearing comfort and to provide them with individually tailored suits making them feel good." 

Jasmin Scheidegger: Tailor and Fashion Consultant

"In our world there are no do's or don'ts, its all about what you want to show and achieve. Its a world full of opportunities to renew old things. Same with the good old suits. Suits outlast many style periodes. When we look back in history, there is no World to think of without a Suit. No Prince would look so elegant and classy without such an excellent wardrobe. How many women have fallen for a good old English gentelman with a good vintage masterpice.

Now to you my friend. Is a simple Suit to boring for you? No problem because your lucky to life in our centry! Nowadays we have more possibilities than ever. There is no rule that you can't breake in combinating new ways to wear a suit. Are you ready to were a suit your way? If yes, its a honor for me to help you pick the rigth details that you have a perfekt masterpice. Lets get this journey started."

 Roberta Albert: tailor and fashion consultant

"In our own showroom, the customer is the decisive factor. With our expert advice, he selects the fabric, the design, the colors and accessories from a variety of possibilities. It is our goal that the customer's new outfit becomes a second skin."